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Our Website main aim is to bring smile on your faced by providing the best collection of funny movies, funny videos , funny clips for your entertainment. The site contains the best on different categories like below and all for full fill your desire only. Watch our most popular categories FUNNY LOOKING ANIMALS | FUNNY MEMES | FUNNY MOVIES | FUNNY PEOPLE | FUNNY SHOWS | FUNNY TV SHOWS | FUNNY VIDEO | BEST MEMES | CARTOON FUNNY MOVIES | COMEDY VIDEO | FUNNIEST MOVIES | FUNNY ANIMALS | FUNNY ANIMATED VIDEOS | FUNNY CINEMA Our recommendation The sneaky and crackling "Knives Out" may be more of a detective than a comedy, but at a time when even the most stellar comedies need to be disguised as something else to be released in theaters, there is no denying it. Ryan Johnson's Megahit is one of the funniest thrillers ever made. Here's a movie that starts out as pure comedy, Colin Farrells, a sulky, grumpy hitman who acts like a schoolboy next to Brendan Gleason's tolerant but disgruntled partner. An obviously and deliberately bizarre mixture of rock comedy, playmate comedy, action and indie films, it doesn't quite fit into anyone's comedy canon. In addition to being a funny comedy, it is also one of the most claustrophobic comedies Watch More FUNNY PEOPLE. Stephen Chow is the inspiration for many hilarious films, but his hit "Kung Fu Hustle" takes its rightful place on the list. The American teen comedy Super Bad was directed by Greg Mottola and stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. The film was co-written with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, so it comes as no surprise that it entered our twenty funniest films of all time. It's about two teenage boys getting invited to a house party and then trying to cook up a drink for the whole party and impress a couple of girls they watch More FUNNY SHOWS. He follows five participants (four couples and one male) as they travel and compete in a dog show with their beloved pets. This film, like Bowfinger, is a hilarious behind-the-scenes story of one man's creative passion, against all odds. The original Netflix comedy film Dolemite, My Name Is Not only gives us the best performance of Eddie Murphy in years, but is an extremely entertaining film about creative expression Watch More FUNNY TV SHOWS. Always mine and written by two lovely protagonists by Ali Wong and Randall Park. The story of Meyerrowitz (new and selected) on Netflix sometimes strives to maintain the authentic quality of its original film, as this clever and ironic independent comedy written and directed by Noah Baumbach proves this. Noah Baumbach is one of the smartest news shorts in modern human relations. Olivia Wilds' directorial debut is the best contemporary combination of "Super villains" and "Bridesmaids" and countless other reputations for close friendships and rude comedies Watch More FUNNY VIDEO. Debauchery is a very interesting thing. As the protagonists of the movie work hard to complete all the glory that New Orleans Essence Festival must provide, including clashing with many of the best talents in the seemingly endless parade of episodes (Didi gets along with the best people, predictably It was supported by Hades' participation) and at least in the next big comic, a very poorly conceived adventure powered by absinthe, Girl's Ride, still maintains a turbulent momentum Watch More BEST MEMES. Netflix's Best Original Comedy, Bad Ride, debuted in March and immediately hit our top 10. We opened it to films from the past that usually don't get as many reviews as their contemporary competitors. So, we thought we'd put together a list of the funniest movies of all time for your convenience. The list of films and figures mentioned below has been compiled from various sources on the web such as Ranker, Rolling Stone, and Best Life Online Watch More CARTOON FUNNY MOVIES . Here are movies that will make you laugh with laughter, movies that train your funny bone and turn out to be the best medicine for what bothers you. These are not the most popular comedy films, but they are important comedies, films that break the laughs - soon we will brand them completely, so grandmas - have shaped the genre, shaped generations and the audience comes back from time to time to cheer up. And with our latest updates, we've added the latest and greatest of new fun movies (Bookstore, Blockers, Game Night) and some other classic comedies that have definitely earned their place in the pantheon of laughter (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Harold and Maud). Comedies are light-hearted dramas created for fun, entertainment, and entertainment. Comedies are "funny" films designed to make the audience laugh. Horror comedy is a genre / type in which the usual dark themes and "intimidation tactics" attributed to horror films are treated with a humorous approach Watch More COMEDY VIDEO. These films use awkward horror clichés such as Scream, Young Frankenstein, The Rocky Horror Show, Horror Shop, Haunted Mansion and Scary Movie, with a preference for campy style. These films are designed to amuse audiences with entertainment, and most of the time they work exaggerating features for a humorous effect. One of the oldest genres of cinema - derived from classic comedy in theater - some of the earliest silent films were comedies, as farce comedy often relies on visual representations without requiring sound. It was classically characterized by the brutal verbal wit of W.C. Fields, the sexual allusion to Mae West or the verbal absurdity of the dialogues in the Marks Brothers films, and later by the shy and thoughtful humor of Woody Allen's literary comedies Watch More FUNNIEST MOVIES. From the mid-1930s to the mid-1940s. Virtual comedy, a sub-genre of romantic comedy movies, prevails. From farce (dumb and still dumb, this is a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world) to silence (general, new age). Examples of these movies are The Adventures of the Chipmunk, Big, Become John Malkovich, Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Scared, Foolish, Museum Night, Groundhog Day, Click and Shrek." It features horror comedy ("Mom and Dad") with a particularly whimsical Nicholas Cage), and more popular original Netflix movies ("Private Life" and "I no longer feel at home in this world" ) Watch More FUNNY ANIMALS. There are also political satires, such as The Death of Stalin, in which unpleasant truths are composed along with funny ones. We've got everything from silly comedies about friends to big flashy commercial comedies, more esoteric indies, and even a few films that straddle the border of comedy and drama. Watch More FUNNY ANIMATED VIDEOS You’re sure to find something you like, so scroll through the list of Netflix’s best comedies below to find your best choice. Below we have compiled a list of the best comedies on Netflix. If the answer to these two questions is yes, please scroll down and enjoy this article, we have collected our favorite comedy movies from the current generation of streaming services. Watch More FUNNY CINEMA